Why file for patent protection in Japan?

With a market of over 125,000,000 people who expect the best in terms of the products and services they desire, Japan is a highly competitive area for corporations in all fields seeking to tap into this lucrative market. Navigating the sometimes incomprehensible waters of the Japanese patent system and the formidable language barrier can make obtaining IP rights difficult and unnecessarily complicated.

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Understanding the details in the prior art is unquestionably critical in order to explain where your invention fits in the field and how it raises the bar over the prior art.
It can become very difficult for companies when the technology that they wish to understand is presented in a foreign language.
The Japanese language, rich in subtle nuances and intentionally vague at times, can be a quagmire.

ARIGA has also assembled and continues to search for top-quality translators, all of whom have advanced degrees in the field(s) in which they work, and/or have years of experience in a wide range of industries.
Translations, even those performed by native speakers of English, are separately checked by individuals who have a strong background in the relevant technical field.