About us

Since its founding in 1971, ARIGA has endeavored to provide clients with a wide-range of IP-related services.
ARIGA has grown from a patent law firm which solely dealt with mechanical and electrical inventions to a firm which also works with clients in a wide range of fields including the biotechnology, medical, and pharmaceutical industries as well as the mechanical and electrical industries.

Our teams of patent attorneys, patent engineers, and technology consultants continue to grow. Each case is assigned to personnel who are experts in the field.
This not only includes the patent attorney(s) and patent engineers, but also translators (if necessary) who are well-versed in the field through their education and/or work history.

ARIGA’s experts will work together with you and/or your clients to determine whether a patent, a utility model, a design model or a trademark is the best route for obtaining IP rights for the particular invention.
ARIGA, while not only being experts in navigating these waters, takes pride in having a thorough understanding of the processes and subtleties required to see an application through to the granting of IP rights.
By keeping you and your clients informed of all the possibilities, strategies, costs, schedules, etc., that are involved, you and your clients will have a more comprehensive understanding of the process and can better anticipate strategies to overcome Office Actions, litigate invalidation trials, overcome final rejections, etc

All of ARIGA’s patent attorneys have years of experience in a wide range of industries, and thus, can uniquely relate to and respond to any problems that inevitably arise during the prosecution of an application.